Audit Committee

The role of this committee is to advise the Board of Directors on the effectiveness of the trust’s strategic processes for risk management, internal control and governance; to advise on the appropriateness and effectiveness of internal and external audit activities and ensure that accounting policies applied within the trust comply with relevant requirements.

Charitable Funds Committee

The purpose of this committee is to manage, monitor and review the charitable funds of the trust, as required by the Charities Act 2011. The committee will work in accordance with relevant guidance published by the Charities Commission and/or the Department of Health.

Nominations and Remuneration Committee

This committee is responsible for viewing the structure, size and composition (including the skills, knowledge and experience) of the Board of Directors compared to its current position and give full consideration to succession planning for all directors in the course of its work, taking into account the challenges and opportunities facing the trust, and what skills and experience are therefore needed on the Board of Directors in the future. The committee is also responsible for identifying and appointing, candidates to fill the position of chief executive and any director vacancies. The committee membership is exclusively independent non-executive directors.

Quality and Performance Committee

The role of this committee is to provide the Board of Directors with assurance on all aspects of quality, safety and operational performance relating to the provision of care and services in support of getting the best clinical outcomes and experience for patients.

Resources Committee

The overall purpose of this committee is to obtain assurance on behalf of the Board of Directors that the trust’s business, financial and workforce plans are viable and that risks have been identified and mitigated. The committee will monitor governance arrangements established to address internal and external service developments and will seek assurance on the delivery of corporate projects. The committee will also seek assurance and advise the board accordingly on subjects relating to employees and volunteers.